Can we provide assistance to clients who live in mobile homes, trailers, and motor homes?

Date Published: May 2006

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Yes, but only in some situations. A rent, mortgage, or utility payment must be the basis for the assistance, and if an applicant presents such documentation and the need is assessed, then STRMU payments for up to 21 weeks of assistance could be permitted under the following circumstances: HOPWA can follow guidance established for the HOME Affordable Housing program in HUD Notice CPD 03-05 for conducting STRMU assistance in these circumstances. Mobile homes, motor homes, trailers, recreational vehicles, and other like vehicles with wheels on the ground, capable of relocating, and not attached to the earth are considered personal property and therefore, are not eligible for STRMU assistance. HOME guidance considers units attached to the earth as "real" property (as in real estate) and therefore, eligible for STRMU assistance, providing the mobile home is connected to permanent utilities and local guidelines for mobile home housing are followed. Additionally, space rental costs in a mobile home park are allowable for STRMU assistance. 

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