The HOPWA grant for my agency is not showing up in my work list. What should I do?

Date Published: July 2012

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The HOPWA grant award information is sent monthly from HUD financial systems to the FSRS website. The awards that populate an agency’s work list are tied to the DUNS Number for the agency. If the agency’s DUNS Number that appears in the Department’s Line of Credit Control System (LOCCS) is incorrect, the system will assign the award to the wrong agency in the system. If a HOPWA grantee does not see their award in the system or is having issues with reporting, the grantee should first try to contact the Federal Service Desk to resolve the problem. If the Federal Service Desk cannot resolve the problem, you should contact the Office of HIV/AIDS Housing at HUD Headquarters by emailing HOPWA@hud.gov and CC your local Community Planning and Development Representative for your grant.

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