Does the 18 month maximum for assistance under the Veterans Homelessness Prevention Demonstration Program (VHPD) include the time that assistance was provided under HPRP?

Date Published: May 2012

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If a person is seeking homelessness prevention assistance from two similar programs such as the HPRP program and the VHPD, an assessment of that person's needs should be made to help determine if long term rather than temporary assistance is more appropriate. Therefore, the amount of assistance provided by the combining of these programs will need to be considered on a case-by-case basis, and generally should not exceed 18 months.

In accordance with other requirements, VHPD assistance cannot be provided to eligible individuals or families for the same period of time and for the same cost types (rental assistance, security deposits, utility deposits, utility assistance, moving cost assistance, and hotel/motel vouchers) that are being provided through another Federal, state, or local subsidy program like HPRP. If a participant is receiving rental assistance under another program (either a full or partial subsidy),VHPD funds may not be used for rental assistance during that same time period.

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