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How do I know what the “CoC Associated with the Grant” is?

Date Published: August 2011

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Each SHP-HMIS grant was applied for and awarded from an individual CoC, even in cases when the HMIS implementation encompasses multiple CoCs. The submitting CoC jurisdiction is considered the “CoC Associated with this Grant” for purposes of this report.  Note that several SHP-HMIS grants may support your HMIS implementation.  If the grants are funded from different CoCs, then the responses related to the CoC should represent the submitting CoC and responses for the HMIS implementation should be the same across grants.  If more than one SHP-HMIS grant was funded from the same CoC, then responses for the SHP-HMIS will be the same across APRs for the CoC and HMIS implementation questions.

In the guidance provided for each question on the SHP-HMIS APR, you will find instructions for whether or not the responses should be for: the HMIS Implementation or the CoC associated with this grant.

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