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When a CoC has a HUD-funded Outreach project that is not yet collecting HMIS data, how should I answer Question H11b of the APR? Should I enter 100% of the data missing?

Date Published: August 2011

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No, you would not enter all of their data as "missing." Question H11 asks you to report on the data quality of "Contributory Homeless System Programs." Per the March 2010 HMIS Data Standards, a Contributory CoC Program is one that "...contributes Protected Personal Information (PPI) or other client-level data to an HMIS," (page 8). In the example that you provided, the outreach program would be considered a Non-Contributory CoC Program (page 9 of the data standards), and thus would not be a part of the reporting universe for this question. Once this HUD funded outreach program begins to enter data into your HMIS, then you would be able to include their data quality or missing rates for questions H11.


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