Who should I call if I need a password reset or a session reset because I have been locked out or am having connectivity issues? Who can I contact to get assistance working with screens, error messages, or other basic questions?

Date Published: October 2012

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Ask a Question: DRGR users should submit questions through Ask a Question. TA providers will provide help with basic DRGR questions and troubleshooting. When submitting questions indicate how urgent your request is and if you prefer to receive your reply via phone or email. For users having problems with error messages, please include the error message, identify grant and activity #s, and provide screenshots of steps taken leading to the error message if possible.

New Accounts, Account Updates, and Urgent Requests: DRGR users who have requests regarding a new account, account update, or an urgent issue should email DRGR_Help@hud.gov. Users with urgent requests should include the word URGENT: at the beginning of the subject line. 

If users get an error message saying they are already logged in (multiple sessions), please send an email to DRGR_Help@hud.gov with SESSION RESET in the subject line along with your user ID. A session reset is often needed when a user is locked out of the system or is having connectivity issues. This could be the result of having left DRGR idle for more than 20 minutes or if the Back button is used instead of navigating within DRGR's modules.        

If any DRGR users have difficulty accessing DRGR because of login ID or password problems they must now contact the main HUD Help Desk at 1-888-297-8689 (Option 9).

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