How can I make corrections to NSP performance measures that have already been entered in prior QPRs?

Date Published: October 2012

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A grantee must first identify the cumulative totals entered in prior QPRs and then determine the category(ies) and subcategory(ies) to be updated. There are two ways in DRGR to extract the actual accomplishments entered from all prior QPRs: 

  • Use the View Cumulative Totals link–on the first page of the edit QPR screen for Direct Benefit activities–to see current quarter vs. cumulative totals.
  • Pull PerfReport 1 {Actuals v Projected} and PerfReport 6 {FHEO data} from the Reports module in DRGR to evaluate the cumulative totals entered in prior QPRs.

HUD created a Prior Period Correction Tool to help grantees calculate cumulative accomplishment totals to enter in DRGR and make prior period corrections.

Tags: NSP Financial and Grants Management - DRGR Requirements

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