Guidance on demolition.

Date Published: February 2013

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Clearance is an eligible activity under the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program found in §570.201(d). In NSP, demolition is eligible on blighted properties under Eligible Use D, as a part of a Redevelopment Activity under Eligible Use E, or as part of a Reconstruction activity under Eligible Use B. Clearance can include:

  • Demolition of buildings and improvements;
  • Removal of demolition products (rubble) and other debris;
  • Physical removal of environmental contaminants or treatment of such contaminants to render them harmless; and
  • Movement of structures to other sites.

The demolition of a property or several properties can meet the LMMA national objective if the grantee is eliminating conditions that are detrimental to public safety and health or the demolition(s) are part of a comprehensive neighborhood strategy. HUD notes that the grantee must determine and document the actual service area benefiting from the demolition of the structure, in accordance with the regulations.

Additional demolition guidance and FAQs will be published soon that will illustrate how grantees will be able to acquire properties for demolition only, as well as the disposition of the properties. The guidance will also go into greater detail on how demolition is eligible in NSP and how it can meet a national objective.

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