VHPD is similar in design to HPRP and is intended to address the financial and supportive services needs of veterans and their families at-risk of homelessness or experiencing short-term homelessness. Could you provide more specific details? How long will the pilot last?

Date Published: May 2012

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The VHPD is intended to target veterans who may be at-risk of homelessness or experiencing short-term homelessness (less than 90 days) due to a number of factors, including poverty, lack of family support, and poor living conditions. The VHPD is similar to the HPRP in that both programs are designed to provide homelessness prevention assistance to households that would otherwise become homeless and to rapidly re-house those who are determined to be experiencing short-term homelessness. The notable difference between VHPD and HPRP is the engagement of Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) case management and health services and the integration of Department of Labor (DOL) employment services at the local level. The demonstration program will last for 3 years.

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