How were the CoCs selected for the sites listed in the Notice for the Veterans Homelessness Prevention Demonstration Program (VHPD)?

Date Published: May 2012

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HUD was authorized by Congress to design the VHPD and to select the sites. A competition was not required. HUD considered a variety of factors in making the decisions, in addition to the requirements of the law. HUD first determined whether a CoC was a successful participant in the 2009 HUD Homeless Grants Competition. In addition, HUD looked for CoCs that had organization(s) with demonstrated capacity to carry out or administer a large grant such as this one. We also reviewed the amount of prior funding awarded to that CoC compared with the amount of funding awarded to neighboring CoCs. It was important to identify a CoC that had projects that targeted veterans and had experience partnering with the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Labor. Another factor taken into consideration included the location of the VA Medical Center or Health Care System facilities in relation to the selected CoC.

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