With regard to the final rule on the definition of homeless, are all individuals and families that are currently residing in transitional housing programs now eligible for permanent supportive housing?

Date Published: February 2012

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No, not all individuals and families currently residing in transitional housing will be eligible for permanent supportive housing. Permanent housing projects must continue to abide by the limitations and requirements included in the NOFA under which they were funded, including the limitation on eligibility. Projects funded in the FY 2011 CoC Competition must continue to abide by the limitation on Permanent Supportive Housing set forth in the NOFA in Section III.E.2.d(3), which states, "The only persons who may be served by permanent housing projects are those who come from the streets, emergency shelters, Safe Havens, or transitional housing. Persons coming from transitional housing must have originally come from the streets or emergency shelter. As participants leave currently operating projects, participants who meet this eligibility standard must replace them."

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