Can HOPWA funds be used for costs to conduct comprehensive planning, coordination and integration of services with local planning bodies and other community resources, including community advisory groups, to develop and enhance housing assistance resources?

Date Published: July 2011

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Yes. HOPWA grantees and project sponsors can use HOPWA funds for comprehensive planning, community meetings, and other activities to plan, establish, coordinate and develop HIV/AIDS housing assistance and services for eligible persons (including conducting preliminary research and making expenditures necessary to determine the feasibility of specific housing-related initiatives (see 24 C.F.R. § 574.300 (b)(2)). HUD encourages grantees to collaborate with State and/or community partners, as appropriate, to assess needs using local data and to strategically plan how to use HUD and other resources to meet housing and related needs, as envisioned in the President's July, 2010 National HIV/AIDS Strategy. HUD may allow up to 10 percent of the HOPWA grant to be budgeted under the Resource Identification activity and used for such purposes.

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