What is the process for amending NSP2 action plans?

Date Published: October 2012

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The NSP2 amendment process differs from the NSP1 and NSP3 amendment process. No amendment to an approved application may be made unless HUD rates the approved application as amended and it scores high enough to have been selected for funding under the NSP2 competition. NSP2 grantees must consult with HUD before submitting any amendment requests. To amend an NSP2 action plan, NSP2 grantees must follow the posting method for their original NSP2 action plans, and submit proof to HUD that their amendment was posted for public comment for 10 days. Grantees must also include either a summary of citizen comments or an acknowledgement that they received no comments with their final amendment submission. Grantees that are adding or subtracting census tracts from their approved target geographies should include the NSP2 foreclosure or vacancy scores for that census tract as well as the new average score for all approved census tracts. The full 11 digit census tract number from the 2000 census should also be included. HUD will hold a panel to review and score the amendment, as it did for the original submission.

For more information on amendments see the NSP Policy Alert: Guidance on Amendment Procedures.

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