What is the process for amending NSP1 and NSP3 approved action plan substantial amendment?

Date Published: October 2012

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The amendment process is similar to the amendment process for the Consolidated Plan. Each grantee must follow the citizen participation process for substantial amendments found in the respective NSP Notices. A grantee that has its own processes that may be more restrictive than these regulations must always follow the more restrictive standards. The grantee must post its proposed amendment on its website and appropriate newspaper publications and make the action plan amendment available for public comment for 15 days. Upon completion of the comment period, the grantee must make the amendment public and must notify HUD that an amendment has been made. The grantee should post the NSP amendment on its official website along with a summary of citizen comments received within the 15-day comment period. The grantee should submit a copy of each amendment to its HUD Field Office Representative as it occurs.

For more information on amendments see the NSP Policy Alert: Guidance on Amendment Procedures.

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