When is a grantee required to make an amendment to an approved NSP action plan substantial amendment?

Date Published: October 2012

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If there is ever any question about the possibility that a grantee may need an amendment, contact your Field Office to determine the correct course of action. In general an amendment to an approved NSP action plan substantial amendment is required under any one of the following circumstances:

  • The grantee changes its allocation priorities or the method of funds distribution.
  • The grantee wishes to carry out an activity that was not previously described in the action plan substantial amendment.
  • The grantee changes the purpose, scope, location, or beneficiaries of an activity.

There is also one more circumstance that requires a substantial amendment. The April 2010 Notice of Change in Definitions and Modification to Neighborhood Stabilization Program (Notice 5321-N-03) indicates State grantees that received a $19.6 million NSP1 grant allocation are allowed to re-direct those funds to other areas after they have fulfilled the requirements of Section 2301(c)(2) of HERA. Section 2301(c)(2) describes the priorities that States must follow in distributing NSP allocations. Eligible states that wish to use this option must submit a new substantial amendment to their NSP action plan.

For more information on amendments see the NSP Policy Alert: Guidance on Amendment Procedures.

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