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What does 'Match' mean in question 30?

Date Published: December 2014

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For projects funded under the SHP, S+C, or SRO programs, Match means the cash used to provide the required match level under HUD regulations as was indicated in your project application, your Technical Submission, or your amended budget. If your project application exceeded the amount of match required for the project, you must record all cash match expended that is at least equal to the amount you indicated in your Exhibit 2 project application or your amendment.

For projects funded under the CoC Program interim rule, match is actual cash or in-kind resources contributed to the grant. All costs paid for with matching funds must be for activities that are eligible under the CoC Program, even if the recipient is not receiving CoC Program grant funds for that activity. All grant funds must be matched with an amount no less than 25% of the awarded grant amount (excluding the amount awarded to the leasing budget line item) with cash or in-kind resources. Match resources may be from public (not statutorily prohibited by the funding agency from being used as a match) or private resources.

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