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How can I complete and pay for preparation of the Year 3 APR, if I submit it after my 3-year HPRP grant end date (after which point I can no longer incur HPRP costs)?

Date Published: May 2012

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First, HUD has made the Year 3 APR available early, so that grantees may use HPRP funds to begin preparing their HMIS and Year 3 APR before it is due, and incur these costs/pay for them with HPRP funds. In addition, there are certain activities HPRP grantees should be doing now to improve data quality and ease completion of the final reports, such as running error reports to check data, etc.  

HUD recognizes that many grantees will be serving program participants and spending funds up to the end of the 3-year date. These grantees will need to complete the final QPR and Year 3 APR after the point at which they may no longer incur HPRP costs.  

For grantees who already have fixed-price contracts or agreements with their HMIS provider to perform final “Data Collection and Evaluation” activities to use HMIS to submit the final required QPR and APR, HUD will allow payment of final invoices if they are submitted to grantee prior to the end of the grant period (three years from the date HUD signed the HPRP grant agreement).  

Please note: grantees may not pay for HPRP grantee or subgrantee staff time for preparing and submitting HPRP reports after the 3-year date.

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