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I can’t submit my APR because I get an error message that says a duplicate grant number exists. What does this mean?

Date Published: December 2014

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The "duplicate grant number" error message in e-snaps is generated by a combination of two fields: the Grant Number on Q1 and the Operating Year Covered by this APR" on Q3 of the APR. Note that the Operating Year dates that appear on the "Confirmation of CoC APR Requirement" page ARE NOT used to determine if the APR is a duplicate. If you are receiving the duplicate grant number error on your APR it means that you already have an APR with the same grant number and operating year submitted in e-snaps. Most likely, you will need to change the Operating Year Covered by this APR on Q3 to something other than the number 1. This field corresponds to the operating year in a grant term. For example, if a grant is operating in the second year of a grant with a 3-year grant term then the operating year covered by this APR is 2. 

For a two year project, you are able to submit both APRs with the same grant number as long as the operating years are distinct. Please make sure that your Year 2 operating dates are different from the Year 1 operating dates, and you will be able to submit the Year 2 APR.

If you need to correct the dates on your Year 1 APR, please open a new question and send us its 6 digit e-snaps Project Number so that we can amend the project back to you.

If you have created multiple APRs for the same grant number in error you may take the following steps: First, figure out which APRs have the same grant number. For all of the APRs that have not yet been submitted (you can see this by looking under the ‘Date Submitted’ column) that are duplicates, click on the icon next to the APR to open it and change the grant number to all 0s, rename “DO NOT SUBMIT,” and save. For the APRs that have been submitted, follow the protocol for requesting an APR be amended to you. For each APR you will have to change the grant number to all 0s, rename the project something like “DO NOT SUBMIT,” save, and leave unsubmitted.

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