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I only see Q1, Q3, and the financial questions. Where are the rest of the questions?

Date Published: August 2011

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Question visibility is based on the answers that you provided in Q3 of your APR. Some questions may not appear because they are not required for your program type. To be sure the correct questions appear, navigate to Q3 again and make sure that you have clicked ‘Save’ after entering your grant type and component type, the VAWA question, and the 20-year requirement question. The page will reload and you will have more questions to answer. Going forward, make sure you click Save before clicking Next or Back. If you are still unsure about whether or not you are seeing all of the questions that you should, please check the CoC APR Full Grant Guide for a listing of all questions that are required for each grant and component type. 

If you have an HMIS-Dedicated APR, then you will only see these few questions. After this submitting this component (CoC Full APR – General), you will see a second component (CoC Full APR – HMIS) in your Submissions list. Similarly, if you have VAWA providers you will also see a second component (CoC Full APR – DV) to submit in your Submissions list.

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