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My Applicant Number (DUNS number) attached to my APR is incorrect – how do I change it?

Date Published: August 2011

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First, please check to see if your DUNS number is correct in your agency’s Applicant Profile. If you need to edit your DUNS number in your Applicant Profile, that can be done by following these instructions: 

To update and edit your Applicant Profile, it will need to be in edit mode. Go to the Applicants page, then click on the orange icon next to your agency’s Applicant. In the Submission Summary screen, click on the ‘Edit’ button, then navigate to the correct screen and edit the DUNS#. You will need to save the page and make certain to click on the "Complete" button in your Submission Summary when you have finished making all of your edits.

If your Applicant Profile is accurate but your applicant number associated with your APR is incorrect, then click on Applicants in the left-hand menu, click on your Applicant name, update your Applicant Number, and Save. Any projects currently In Progress in your Submissions List will be updated with your new Applicant Number. If you have already submitted your APR, first follow the protocol to request that it be amended back to you, update your Applicant Number, and re-submit.

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