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What is the Transition APR?

Date Published: November 2010

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SHP, S+C and SRO grantees with operating years ending between July 1, 2010 and May 31, 2011 were required to complete the Transition APR in e-snaps when HUD initially required grantees go submit their APRs electronically (starting in July 2010). The Transition APR only included those questions that also appeared in the HUD-40118 APR, or that could be completed with existing information about the grant (such as the grant application). The Transition APR was intended to help grantees adjust from paper to electronic APRs. HUD has closed down the Transition APR Funding Opportunity in e-snaps. All grants, including those with operating year end dates prior to June 1, 2011, must now submit an APR using the CoC Full Annual Performance Report Funding Opportunity.

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