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The Submission Certification form of the APR requires an Authorized Grantee Official to certify the information. If the authorized grantee official does not submit information in e-snaps, then how can they certify the information?

Date Published: November 2010

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To certify the APR information, Authorized Grantee Officials can view the information in e-snaps in one of two ways:

1. Obtain access to e-snaps, by creating a username that is then associated with the organization’s Applicant Profile. For information, please review the Adding/Deleting Users Instructions guide.

2. Receive a pdf copy of the APR from the grantee. Grantees can export the APR to pdf prior to submitting the information to HUD, and then print and deliver or email the exported copy of the APR to the Authorized Grantee Official.

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