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What Plan Year and Project do I use for setting up my HOME-ARP activities?

Date Published: July 2022

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A Participating Jurisdiction (PJ) must associate its HOME Investment Partnerships American Rescue Plan (HOME-ARP) activities with a project from its 2021 Annual Action Plan (AAP) year. The PJ can choose from three options for setting up a HOME-ARP Project or Projects:

Option 1: Create one new HOME-ARP Project and associate all HOME-ARP activities under the single HOME-ARP Project. This option requires amending the 2021 AAP.

Option 2: Create multiple HOME-ARP Projects (according to whatever standard convention or system the PJ typically uses for creating Action Plan Projects) and associate specific activities with each HOME-ARP Project. This option also requires amending the 2021 AAP.

Option 3: Associate HOME-ARP activities with existing 2021 AAP HOME Projects. This option does not require amending the 2021 AAP.

See the HOME-ARP Project Fact Sheet: Creating HOME-ARP Projects and Activities for guidance on each option.

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