Note: This FAQ relates to HMIS, CoC


Who is eligible to access CoC funds under the CoC HMIS program component?

Date Published: August 2012

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Only HMIS leads are eligible to apply for funds under the CoC HMIS program component. While other applicants can apply for HMIS costs under the other component types, the following costs are unique to the HMIS component: 

  1. Hosting and maintaining HMIS software or data;
  2. Backing up, recovering, or repairing HMIS software or data;
  3. Upgrading, customizing, and enhancing the HMIS;
  4. Integrating and warehousing data, including development of data warehouse for use in aggregating data from subrecipients that use several software systems;
  5. Administering the HMIS;
  6. Reporting to providers, the CoC, and HUD; and
  7. Conducting training in use of the HMIS or a comparable database, including travel to the training.

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