Do I have to complete the whole Final CoC Self-Rating survey or just update certain indicators?

Date Published: April 2012

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Yes, the whole Final CoC Self-Rating must be completed by each CoC. The final CoC Self-Rating is not the same as the CoC Lead rating provided during stage 1 of the CoC Check-up process. The self-rating survey represents the ratings for each indicator that the CoC lead decision-making group believes best reflect the CoC's performance.  

The final self-ratings may be the same as or different than the mean/median rating across all stakeholders, which can be viewed by generating a CoC Summary and Detail Report,  or what the CoC lead entered as a stakeholder. CoC decision-making groups are encouraged to review the aggregate score for each indicator and make adjustments as appropriate. These scores should then be entered in the CoC Lead portal as the final self-rating.

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