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Do qualitative efforts need to be project specific to qualify? For example, we offer technical school tuition to low- and very low-income residents and most people are signing up for the dental assistant program and not the construction-related offering. Would offering tuition for the dental assistant program count as a qualitative effort?

Date Published: November 2021

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Employment and training opportunities should be in connection with the HUD financial assistance being expended, therefore offering tuition for a dental assistant program would not qualify as a qualitative effort. Providing technical school tuition for construction-related or professional services training to persons in accordance with the prioritization of effort requirements outlined in 24 CFR § 75.9 and § 75.19 and building a pipeline of potential qualified Section 3 workers and Targeted Section 3 workers would be an acceptable qualitative effort. Examples of qualitative efforts are outlined in § 75.15 and § 75.25.

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