What is the administrative cost limit when a HOPWA grantee awards grant funds to an organization both for program management and as a sponsor to carry out one or more program activities?

Date Published: July 2011

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In some instances, grantees may select other entities to carry out administrative activities on behalf of the grantee and to deliver direct program services to HOPWA eligible clients.  A grantee may select a governmental entity within the grantee's organizational structure, an external governmental entity, or a nonprofit organization or governmental housing agency to provide both grantee administrative and program activities.  In such instances, the entity is considered a HOPWA project sponsor and may spend not more than seven percent of the total grant amount for administrative activities.  The administrative activities would include both those designated by the grantee and those necessary for the project sponsor to administer their HOPWA grant funds.  The agreement between the grantee and the project sponsor should clearly specify each of these functions to be carried out by the sponsor and the amount of funding designated for each of these functions (i.e., costs of administrative activities conducted on behalf of the grantee, and administrative and program activity costs for project sponsor grant award).

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