How does a HOPWA grantee using another organization for some or all administrative functions allocate administrative amounts?

Date Published: July 2011

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In some instances, grantees may select another entity to carry out administrative activities on behalf of the grantee. Examples of administrative functions include the distribution of HOPWA awards, coordination and oversight of HOPWA programs and project sponsors, and development and preparation of HOPWA performance reports.

A grantee may select a government entity within the grantee's organizational structure, an external governmental entity, or a nonprofit organization or governmental housing agency to provide administrative activities. When a grantee utilizes another organization to carry out some or all of the grantee's administrative functions, the administrative activities, costs, and terms of payment should be clearly delineated in a contract or other written agreement between the parties. All costs associated with administering the grant, whether incurred by the grantee or the other organization, are subject to the three percent administrative cost limit

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