May recipients and subrecipients of CoC Program funds purchase cell phones and wireless service plans for program participants to use when receiving supportive services?

Date Published: April 2020

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Yes, under certain conditions. 24 CFR 578.53(e)(17) makes the costs of supplies and materials incurred by the recipient or subrecipient when directly providing supportive services to program participants an eligible supportive service cost. To qualify as an eligible supply and material cost the cell phone must be owned by the recipient/subrecipient and the wireless service plan must be the recipient/subrecipient's, but the phone may be loaned to program participants as needed to enable provision of supportive services necessary to obtain and retain housing, such as case management, mental health services, and outpatient health services. The phone and phone service may be loaned to the participant while stay-at-home or social distancing orders are in effect in the community in which the program participant resides, and must be returned to the recipient/subrecipient when those orders are lifted.

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