Can ESG funds be used to train staff on how to deliver services during the COVID-19 pandemic, including how to recognize symptoms, how to protect recipient staff from infection, and how to protect against spreading the virus while providing assistance?

Date Published: March 2020

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Yes. Section 576.100(d) of the Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Program Interim Rule allows recipients or subrecipients to charge staff and overhead costs directly related to carrying out street outreach, emergency shelter, homelessness prevention, rapid re-housing, and HMIS as eligible costs of those program components. This means that to the extent staff need to be trained on how to work with individuals who may have contracted the virus or prevent the spread of COVID-19, the costs for training those staff can be charged to the budget line item of the staff member's duties. For example, in an emergency shelter that receives funding for case management and trains case managers on how to identify if someone may have contracted the virus and maintain their own safety in their interactions, the cost of training can be charged to the emergency shelter – essential services activity.

Tags: ESG Program Requirements - Eligible Activities/Uses

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