How will HUD determine who gets technical assistance?

Date Published: September 2019

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The Distressed Cities Technical Assistance (DCTA) team reviews requests for assistance on a case-by-case basis using a formalized process. This begins with whether the applicant represents a Unit of General Local Government (UGLG) or tribal government, and whether the community meets the selection criteria (distressed, impacted by natural disaster, and small population size). For more information on these criteria, as well as instructions for submitting requests for technical assistance, please visit the Distressed Cities Technical Assistance page on the HUD Exchange.

The DCTA team will also evaluate the UGLG’s or tribal government’s capacity to receive and benefit from DCTA in a sustainable way, the tenure and priorities of local/tribal government leadership, and the local/tribal government’s previous interactions with HUD. These previous interactions with HUD may include conversations with the local HUD office, or more formalized collaboration like participating in the various planning processes required if the community is a HUD grantee.

Please note that the funding for this program is limited and not every request from eligible applicants will be selected for technical assistance under the DCTA Program.

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