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If YHDP applicants apply for renewal funding incorrectly in the FY 2019 CoC Program Competition, could this affect the CoC’s overall funding?

Date Published: September 2019

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Yes. Requesting YHDP renewal funding incorrectly could have adverse consequences on the CoC’s overall funding request. This guidance only applies to the following CoCs:

  • AK-500
  • CA-501
  • CA-508
  • CT-505
  • KY-500
  • MI-512
  • OH-500
  • OH-507
  • TX-503
  • WA-500

YHDP applicants must use e-snaps to create renewal project applications and must select YHDP Project Application from the Funding Opportunity screen options. (See the How to Access the Project Application guide.) If recipients submit renewal projects under incorrect funding opportunities, the following steps must be taken to remedy the problem:

  1. The renewal project applicant must inform their CoC they submitted the renewal project under the incorrect funding opportunity.
  2. The renewal project applicant must submit a new renewal project application under the YHDP Project Application funding opportunity.
  3. The CoC must reject/remove the original project applied for under the incorrect funding opportunity.
  4. The CoC reviews the renewal project applied for under the correct funding opportunity, based on actions in steps 2, which placed the renewal project on the YHDP Project Listing.

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