Can a grantee use HOPWA funds to pay for a Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) or a similar management information system that complies with HOPWA program reporting requirements, including those incorporated into HMIS, and protects client confidentiality?

Date Published: July 2011

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Yes, costs of including HOPWA in community HMIS and/or implementing HMIS or HMIS-compliant systems are eligible HOPWA costs, provided that such systems comply with HOPWA reporting requirements (as incorporated into HMIS) and protect client confidentiality.  HOPWA funds may be used for HMIS costs incurred by grantees and project sponsors that are required to participate in their community HMIS (i.e., projects that target and serve persons who are homeless), as well as HOPWA grantees that participate in HMIS on a voluntary basis.  Grantees and project sponsors are encouraged to integrate with HMIS to improve coordination and to enhance beneficiary access to other community assistance programs.  Costs of developing, implementing and training in HMIS and other HMIS-compliant information systems may be billed to the HOPWA grant.  Visit the HUD Exchange for further information on HMIS standards.

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