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What projects are eligible for the expansion process?


A CoC funded PH-PSH project that wants to expand the number of units and beds so it can serve more people would be eligible to receive an expansion project.

A non-CoC funded PH-PSH project that wanted to do the same exact thing would not be eligible as it is not currently being funded with CoC money. It must apply as a separate new project, not as an expansion project.

Date Published: July 2019

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In the 2019 CoC Program Competition, the expansion process can only be applied to current CoC funded renewal projects. Any CoC funded renewal project that is a PH-PSH, PH-RRH, JOINT TH & PH-RRH, SSO-CE, and HMIS is eligible for an expansion project. Projects that are being funded with non-CoC funds that want to expand must apply as a separate new project and are not eligible for expansion projects.

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