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What is the difference between the CoC Bonus and the DV Bonus for the FY 2019 CoC Program Competition?

Date Published: July 2019

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The CoC Bonus allows CoCs to use up to 5 percent of their Final Pro Rata Need (FPRN), or 25 percent of the CoC’s Preliminary Pro Rata Need (PPRN) minus its Annual Renewal Demand (ARD), whichever is greater to create one or more new project applications for the following types of projects: PH-PSH, PH-RRH, Joint TH and PH-RRH component, HMIS, and SSO-CE. There is no limit on the number of new projects that CoC's can create through the CoC Bonus process other than new project applications cannot exceed the total amount of CoC Bonus funds available in the CoC. See the FY 2019 Estimated ARD Report posted to the HUD Exchange to determine the maximum amount of bonus funds available for your CoC.

The Domestic Violence (DV) Bonus with up to $50 million available is specifically for new project applications to assist survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. A CoC may apply for up to 10 percent of its PPRN, or a minimum of $50,000, whichever is greater, or a maximum of $5 million, whichever is less, to create DV Bonus projects. CoCs may submit more than one PH-RRH or Joint TH and PH-RRH component new project applications, but are limited to submitting only one new project application for SSO-CE. The FY 2019 Estimated ARD Report posted to the HUD Exchange lists the amount of DV Bonus funds available for your CoC. See Sections II.B.3, II.B.10.e, III.C.3.h, V.B.3.a.(4), and VIII.B.6.c of the FY 2019 CoC Program Competition NOFA for complete information regarding the DV Bonus.

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