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Can DV Bonus funds be used to expand existing non-CoC Program-funded projects for the FY 2019 CoC Program Competition?

Date Published: July 2019

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Yes. Project applicants may create a new project that expands an existing non-CoC Program-funded projects or an FY 2018 project awarded DV Bonus funds that is eligible to apply for renewal funds in FY 2019 (has an expiration date between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020) as outlined in Section III.C.3.j) of the FY 2019 CoC Program Competition NOFA using DV Bonus funds so long as the project will be dedicated to serve survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking. The new expansion project must specify the additional units, beds, persons served, or services that will be added to the existing non project clearly stating how the expansion activities will be dedicated specifically for survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking that meet the definition of homeless in paragraph (4) of 24 CFR 578.3.

Expansion of an FY 2018 funded DV Bonus project follows the same rules as regular expansion projects. If the eligible DV Bonus renewal project is not selected for conditional award (e.g. did not rank high enough, not eligible for renewal funds) HUD will not consider the expansion project, regardless of ranked position on the CoC Priority Listing.

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