CDBG Entitlement FAQ

If CDBG funds will be used to carry out the improvements needed to address code violations, can those improvements be carried out under the code enforcement eligible activity at 24 CFR 570.202(c)?

Date Published: April 2019

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No. The necessary improvements may be eligible under a different eligibility category, depending on the type of structure and the activity to be carried out. Improvements to a housing structure would be eligible at 24 CFR 570.202(a) or Section 105(a)(4) of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 (HCDA), as amended, if the low- and moderate-income housing national objective can be met. Improvements to a facility such as a recreation center or homeless shelter would be eligible at 24 CFR 570.201(c) or Section 105(a)(2) of the HCDA, provided a national objective is met. Rehabilitation of commercial buildings may be eligible under 24 CFR 570.202(a), 570.203(a) or (b) and Section 105(a)(14) of the HCDA. Demolition of buildings may be eligible under 24 CFR 570.201(d) and Section 105(a)(4) of the HCDA. Improvements may also be paid for with private funds or other funding sources such as general funds.

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