CDBG Entitlement FAQ

Can CDBG funds be used to enforce codes relating to junk cars parked on streets, un-mowed lawns, graffiti on fences, flyers posted on telephone poles, etc.?

Date Published: April 2019

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HUD would look askance at using CDBG funds to enforce local codes that deal only with such nuisances, without also addressing the physical conditions of buildings. HUD recognizes that issues like unkempt yards, accumulation of debris or junk cars, etc., can further contribute to the deteriorated appearance of a neighborhood. HUD also recognizes that local codes may be written to address a broader spectrum of local health, safety and appearance issues than just building conditions. However, statutory and regulatory language require that code enforcement must be carried out in "deteriorated or deteriorating areas" in conjunction with "public or private improvements, rehabilitation or services". These phrases imply a focus on physical conditions of buildings of buildings or other improvements, and actions to make physical improvements in the area. Grantees that use CDBG funds to enforce codes relating to visual or nuisance issues, without also conducting building code enforcement, may find it difficult to demonstrate how the activity is eligible.

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