CDBG Entitlement FAQ

Can CDBG funds be used to pay the salaries of code enforcement inspectors that conduct inspections city- or county-wide?

Date Published: April 2019

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It depends. CDBG funds may only be used to pay the salaries for code enforcement inspectors for the time spent conducting inspections in areas that meet the state/local law definition of deteriorated/deteriorating or use the criteria at 24 CFR 570.208(b)(1) or 24 CFR 570.483(c)(1) to define deteriorated/deteriorating. It is very unlikely that an entire city or county would be designated as deteriorated/deteriorating. In order to conduct CDBG-assisted code enforcement inspections city- or county-wide, a city or county must have documentation in its files that demonstrates that its entire jurisdiction meets the state/local definition of deteriorated/deteriorating. Absent that determination, CDBG-assisted code enforcement activities cannot be carried out city- or county-wide.

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