CDBG Entitlement FAQ

What are the additional requirements if grantees want to use CDBG funds to pay for coveralls and hand-held electronic devices to be used in its code enforcement activities?

Date Published: April 2019

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Grantees may only use CDBG funds to purchase uniforms and/or coveralls if they are a job requirement for code enforcement inspectors and a regular jurisdiction-incurred expense. Coveralls and hand-held electronic devices may only be used by code enforcement inspectors when they are conducting CDBG-eligible code enforcement inspections. The items cannot be purchased with CDBG funds and used by code enforcement inspectors for code enforcement inspections jurisdiction-wide or for such inspections in non-deteriorated/deteriorating areas. If grantees use CDBG funds to purchase these items, their use is limited to use in CDBG-eligible areas. A log should be maintained regarding the use of equipment such as tablets that shows when they were used and in what areas they were used (e.g., 9000 block of Main Street, located in an area designated as deteriorated/deteriorating).

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