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We assist TBRA tenants for 24-month contracts, but then often will renew their assistance and contract for another year or 2. Should I setup a new activity for this new contract? Or should I setup a new activity each year?

Date Published: April 2019

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Participating Jurisdictions (PJs) will receive credit for TBRA accomplishments only after the activities have been completed in IDIS. However, the HOME Program does not require that PJs complete TBRA activities at the end of each program year. Once the data has been entered for every household receiving assistance and the final draw for the activity has been made, the activity can be completed in IDIS.

If PJs choose to complete TBRA activities at the end of a 12-month period and they intend to serve one or more of the same clients in the following 12-month period, then the PJ should set up a new activity in IDIS and enter the beneficiary data for the households being served again. PJs must select 'No' from the 'Newly Assisted' drop-down box that is located on the 'Activity - Add TBRA Beneficiary' screen any time beneficiaries are served more than once during a 24-month period. Subsequently, if PJs serve one or more of the same households during the following 12-month period (i.e., months 25-36), the PJ would again set up a new TBRA activity in IDIS, enter the required beneficiary data, and then select 'Yes' from 'Newly Assisted' drop-down box.

For instructions on setting up and completing a HOME TBRA activity, please refer to Chapter 12 of the HOME IDIS Training Manual for PJs.

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