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How do I handle changes of income for tenants in a TBRA activity in IDIS? Should I revise the tenant rent and other information in the activity setup every time there is a change? What about the activity funding?

Date Published: April 2019

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The Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) beneficiary data should not be updated in IDIS to reflect changes that take place during the period of a tenant's contract. The data entered in IDIS for each beneficiary should show the values and amounts in effect at the time of initial occupancy.

IDIS does not use the data on the TBRA beneficiary screen to determine the amount of activity funding. If additional funds are needed due to changes in a tenant's income, then the activity funding may be increased.

For instructions on setting up and completing a HOME TBRA activity, please refer to Chapter 12 of the HOME IDIS Training Manual for PJs.

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