Can a grantee incur and be reimbursed for the full three percent off the top of their total HOPWA award, and can a project sponsor take seven percent off the top of their total HOPWA award, for administrative costs incurred at the beginning of the grant period?

Date Published: July 2011

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Yes, but only in special situations, such as when the costs are documented and based on  eligible activities incurred for grant administration after the grant agreement was signed and executed (e.g., startup costs for that project's operations).  More likely, such costs would be incurred during the operation of the project and would be reimbursable as incurred.  Administrative costs may only be reimbursed after the administrative activities have taken place and are properly documented.  Generally, administrative costs are billed with each request for reimbursement from HUD or from the grantee based on actual program/grant administrative expenditures.

Tags: HOPWA Program Requirements - Administrative and Planning Costs/Cap