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What should be included in a CDBG Workout Plan?

Date Published: March 2019

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  • The plan should show how the grantee will meet the 1.5 timeliness performance standard by a specific date and identify all the actions the grantee expects to take to meet the specified timetable. Actions may include hiring staff, canceling contracts or matching funds for specific projects. In addition, the plan should include a discussion of projects which are behind schedule and the possibility of replacing them with faster-moving projects, as well as funds available for reprogramming.

  • The plan should include a timetable for all actions that need to take place, including specific dollar disbursements.

  • Senior management should be involved in the plan's development so they have a vested interest in meeting performance benchmarks and spending CDBG funds on time.

Further help in developing an acceptable workout plan may be found in the HUD publication, "Developing and Implementing a CDBG Workout Plan."

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