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If the city decides to enter a joint agreement with the urban county or join the county as a participating unit of general local government via a cooperation agreement, is there a limit on how long those agreements can be in effect?

Date Published: March 2019

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Yes and no. For joint agreements and cooperation agreements, there can be an renewable clause therein stating the agreements automatically renew. This is unless the city notifies the urban county during its year of requalification it no longer wants to have a joint agreement with the county or opts out of the county as a participant in its CDBG program. Note that the city may opt out of the urban county or terminate its joint agreement only during the county's year of requalification. Once the city joins the urban county or enters into a joint agreement, that agreement remains in effect for the duration of the county's three-year qualification period.

For additional information, also see the FAQs on Urban Counties and on Joint Agreements vs. Cooperation Agreements.

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