CDBG Entitlement FAQ

Can an Empowerment Zone (EZ), Renewal Community (RC) or Enterprise Community (EC) also be NRSA?

Date Published: March 2019

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All federal Empowerment Zone (EZ) and Renewal Community (RC) designations expired on December 31, 2009. All Enterprise Community (EC) designations expired in 2004. In the past, HUD presumed the strategic plan for an EZ or EC within an Entitlement community met the above criteria and, therefore, approved an initial NRSA submission at the written request of the grantee without further review. Due to the age of these designations, HUD no longer accepts an EZ or EC strategic plan for the purpose of presumed NRSA designation. Grantees that wish to continue their revitalization work in a former EZ, EC or RC may be able to use information from former EZ, EC or RC applications and reports in developing a new NRSA application.

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