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Can self-certifications of income be used in the CDBG Program to document that an activity has helped low- and moderate-income persons?

Date Published: March 2019

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Yes. Income self-certifications are permissible pursuant to 24 CFR 570.506(b), but their use is generally limited to documenting beneficiary income for public service activities and even more limited when there is a direct financial benefit (e.g., day care subsidy, rental security deposit, etc.). Self-certifications are not intended to be used with housing and other direct-benefit activities, such as down payment assistance, where significant financial benefits accrue to the beneficiary of the activity. There is no need to use self-certifications for an activity seeking to meet a low- and moderate-income area (LMA) national objective. In most service areas, the grantee can often rely on Low and Moderate Income Data (LMISD) from the Census Bureau to document the income of persons living within the boundaries of the activity. See further guidance on CDBG Low- and Moderate-Income Data.

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