CDBG Entitlement FAQ

How does a CDBG grantee demonstrate compliance with the selected overall benefit certification period?

Date Published: March 2019

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Overall benefit compliance is reported annually when the CDBG e grantee submits its PR26, the CDBG Financial Summary Report, as part of its CAPER. Part III of the PR26, Low- and Moderate-Income Benefit This Reporting Period, will show the dollars expended for low- and moderate-income benefit with line items within this part devoted to expenditure adjustments. Just below this section the grantee can show its progress meeting the test at the end of that program year, regardless of whether it has chosen a one, two, or three-year certification period. If a multiple-year certification period has been chosen, then the grantee enters the cumulative expenditures, obtained from prior and current year PR26 reports, as applicable, to determine the percentage benefit to low- and moderate-income persons (Line 26 of the PR26).

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