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How can I verify the expenditures shown on my PR26 CDBG Financial Summary report?

Date Published: February 2019

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The PR26 report totals all drawdowns completed (status of ‘Completed’) during the specified program year or completed during the 90 days after the end of the program year and marked ‘prior year’.

The PR07 report can be used to verify the amounts that are reported in the PR26 for planning and administration, public services, and/or overall expenditures. The report can be run for the dates of the Grantee's program year; however, include up to 3 months after the end of the program year to allow for Vouchers marked ‘prior year’. When totaling the amounts, remove any draws marked prior year in the first 3 months of the year, and then include any Vouchers marked prior year for the 90-day period after the end of the program year. The PR07 total should then match the total for the PR26. The last few pages of the PR26 report also outline the activities and draws that comprise the specific sections of the report.

More information about the PR26 report is available in the Updated Instructions for Completing the CDBG Financial Summary Report (PR26) on the HUD Exchange.

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