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How do I adjust my PR26 report if it is not showing the correct amount of Program Income received during the Program Year?

Date Published: February 2019

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The PR26, Financial Summary Report, displays the total of Program Income (PI) receipts entered in IDIS for the identified Program Year. PI receipts entered for up to 90 days after the program year ends can be associated with the prior year (enter the prior year under “Program Year of Receipt”). If the PR26 does not show the correct amount, adjustments can be made as follows:

  • If you need to add or reduce the current year’s Program Income, enter the adjustment on lines 7 and 44.  
  • If you need to add or reduce the prior year’s program income, enter the adjustment on line 34.

Please note that adjustments made on a PR26 report for one year may require revisions on a prior year and/or subsequent year’s PR26 report. Any adjustments on the PR26 report must be explained to the HUD Field Office when submitting.

More information about the PR26 report is available in the Updated Instructions for Completing the CDBG Financial Summary Report (PR26) on the HUD Exchange.

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